March 26, 2018

Tasting Sheets

We understand that it's sometimes difficult and time consuming for retailers to work on sheets every week or even sometimes multiple times a week. On BevDeals you will receive FREE custom tasting sheets.

Phase 1: We just published phase 1 of this feature. After logging in retailers will see several fields on the bottom of this page. Retailers can enter the unique product numbers of the products they want to taste out. These numbers can be found on each product page. They can upload their logo and within 24 hours we will send out a tasting sheet as a Word Document that can be further customized by the retailer.

Phase 2: Retailers can enter the data online and a tasting sheet can be downloaded within a minute. We are working on phase 2!!

Sometime a picture says more than a thousand words. Here is an example of a tasting sheet. You will receive it in Word which gives you the opportunity to customize it.