January 29, 2018

Why BevDeals

BevDeals is an online marketing and sales platform that connects beverage suppliers, distributors, retailers and restaurants. The platform streamlines how business is done in the beverage industry.

The platform solves issues for the entire 3 tier system of the beverage industry:

Suppliers: BevDeals helps suppliers understand how their deals are performing and gives them data to understand what works and what doesn't work.

Distributors: BevDeals helps distributors get as many deals in front of buyers as possible. It provides them with valuable data and streamlines their entire deals operations. Implemeting BevDeals greatly impacts the amounts of deals sold. We also display entire distributor portfolios and a chat function for sales reps to connect with their accounts. We understand that distributors have different pricing for retailers, restaurants and grocery stores. We categorize pricing so that the correct pricing is displayed to each account. This makes life easier for both the distributor and the customer.

Retailers/Restaurants: BevDeals provides 24/7 access to the best deals in the market with the option to buy at any time. It saves a lot of time that can be used making money rather than long meetings with sales reps. Retailers and restaurants can also explore entire distributor portfolios.

Here is an overview:

Distributor Retailer Supplier
Portfolio online 24/7 access to deals and portfolios See how deals are performing
Dedicated website on the platform Can commit to deals 24/7 Live stream with retailers
Chat function for retailers to communicate with sales reps Chat function for retailers to communicate with sales reps Possibility to incentivice sales reps
All deals displayed
Online live streams with winemakers
Incentive option for sales reps
Include professional reviews
Orders are routed to distributor

Retailers and Restaurants just need to sign up and they get access to all our functions for FREE. They can commit to deals, chat with sales reps etc. etc. NEVER MISS A DISTRIBUTOR DEAL AGAIN!!!

Distributors can sign up for FREE to have their portfolios displayed.  The first 3 months are FREE.